Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Buy Orthotics from the Store

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Buy Orthotics from the Store

When you suffer from foot problems, orthotics are a convenient and non-surgical way to treat many painful conditions and foot abnormalities. You’re not alone if you’ve suffered from foot pain and headed to the store to buy a pair of over-the-counter orthotics.

The bad news is, orthotics from the store don’t usually get the results you desire. To get the absolute best results from your orthotics, you need to get custom orthotics designed and made specifically for your foot at Arizona Foot Health in Phoenix, Arizona by board-qualified podiatrist Ryan Golub, DPM.

Discover why you should always have your orthotics custom-made instead of buying them from the store.

When should I consider orthotics?

Orthotics are shoe inserts that are designed to cover a portion of or the entirety of your feet. You might benefit from getting orthotics if your foot has structural issues or painful foot conditions that can be corrected with orthotics.

Custom orthotics can treat or relieve a number of foot conditions, including:

In some situations, custom orthotics are also suitable if you’re at risk of foot pain because of your lifestyle. For example, this could be because you’re on your feet for many hours a day as an athlete or at your job and looking for further foot support.

Why should I have my orthotics custom-made?

It’s easy and fast to buy your orthotics from a store, but in the long run, you’ll find yourself disappointed. These are several reasons you shouldn’t get store-bought orthotics.

Store-bought orthotics aren’t made for your foot

When stores make over-the-counter orthotics, they’re made to fit a standard foot. Every foot is unique, and orthotics need to be custom-made to fully accommodate the structure of your feet and individual needs.

Custom orthotics are molded 100% to your specific foot, so you’ll never need to try to force your feet into an insert that might not work for your foot type or problem.

Store-bought orthotics don’t take your lifestyle into account

When creating your custom orthotics, Dr. Golub takes into account your presenting foot problem and lifestyle indicators, such as which sports you play, to determine if you need functional or accommodative orthotics. With store-bought orthotics, you risk getting the wrong type of foot support materials in addition to incorrect sizing.

Store-bought orthotics can actually worsen your foot problems

Unfortunately, not only can orthotics from the store be ineffective, they can even make foot problems worse. This puts you at risk for further foot problems and developing structural and alignment abnormalities elsewhere in your body.

How to get custom orthotics

When Dr. Golub recommends custom orthotics for you, he creates molds that perfectly model your feet. These get sent to a specialized lab, which creates your custom orthotics based on these molds.

You can wear your new custom orthotics as soon as they arrive at Arizona Foot Health. Our custom orthotics are durable, comfortable, and long-lasting.

Instead of going to the store to try to solve your foot pain, experience the comfort and support your feet receive from custom-made orthotics. Call us or make an appointment online to start the process of getting your custom orthotics at Arizona Foot Health.

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