Restore Your Balance with Orthotics

Restore Your Balance with Orthotics

Have you been experiencing pain in your feet, been diagnosed with a foot or ankle condition, or find mobility difficult? If so, your body might be off balance from structural problems in your feet.

If you’re off balance because of foot or ankle issues, Arizona Foot Health podiatrists Ryan Golub, DPM, and Zachary Flynn, DPM, AACFAS, in Phoenix, Arizona, can fix your alignment without surgery using custom orthotics you insert into your shoes. Find out how custom orthotics can decrease your pain, improve your mobility, and restore your balance.

Why are my feet out of balance?

There are several reasons your feet might be out of balance. One common reason is having a foot or ankle condition that impacts how you stand and move.

Conditions that can disrupt your balance include:

Additionally, you can be born with or develop structural issues in your foot that leave you permanently imbalanced. Conditions like high arches, flat feet, and alignment issues in your legs or hips can also cause your body to be out of balance.

Finally, if your lifestyle involves moving or standing for long periods, this can tire out your feet and lead to balance concerns. You’re also more likely to develop problems like calluses or calluses.

What problems do balance issues cause?

If your feet are out of balance, it can cause various problems. This is because feet that lose their alignment impact your entire lower body, including your ankles, legs, hips, knees, and lower back.

This often leads to severe pain over time, which makes it harder to do the activities you enjoy. Without correcting your balance, you also risk developing worse, harder-to-correct problems in your feet over time.

How orthotics restore balance

Orthotics are small, comfortable inserts you put into your shoes. They offer the fully customized support your feet need that even the best pair of shoes cannot provide.

When you place orthotics into your shoes, they restore the balance in your feet by aiding your feet in standing and moving in the correct alignment. This leads to reduced strain and a lower likelihood of developing pain in your entire lower body.

Orthotics that correct balance issues are called functional orthotics. These orthotics are usually firm shoe inserts meant to restore function in your feet.

If your balance issues come from bruises, calluses, or other pain on the bottom of your foot, you might also benefit from accommodative orthotics. These are soft and provide comfortable padding, making walking easier.

Getting orthotics

Getting your custom orthotics from our podiatrists at Arizona Foot Health is a simple process. After determining orthotics are the best solution for your foot alignment issues, they create a custom mold of your foot.

Once this is complete, our podiatrists send the mold to a lab. The lab makes high-quality, durable custom orthotics that match your feet exactly, which they then send back to us.

If you’re experiencing symptoms that show you might be off balance, orthotics are an easy way to fix your alignment. Contact our team today to learn more about custom orthotics.

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