The Achilles Heel

Given Arizona’s climate, patients are able to remain active year round. It’s why we all chose to live here. But it comes with a price, and oftentimes that price is Achilles Tendinitis. When I was completing my surgical training in the Northeast part of the country, Achilles Tendinitis was a summer problem which quickly resolved with either treatment or a change in the season. Here in the Southwest, year round sandals, flip flops, and outdoor activities set the patient and their Achilles’ Tendon on a collision course. Swift management of the issue is paramount to prevent this from becoming a chronic problem. We want to keep this (weekend) warrior out on the playing field with these important tips.


Neglected treatment of Achilles Tendinosis (chronic degeneration) can lead to worsening symptoms and increase the chances of achilles rupture. You can visit these links to videos and radio interviews I have done discussing rupture in great detail. As you can see, it is paramount to avoid allowing your achilles to progress to this level of injury. The surgery and prolonged recovery times are quite frustrating to all the patients that endure the challenge. Following the above tips and getting into the office early for conservative management are critical!


If conservative management fails or if rupture has occurred, surgical management is required. In these instances, having a surgeon well-versed in all available techniques of repair is critical in getting you back to activities that you love quickly. Please call today for an appointment. 

Dr. Zachary Flynn DPM, FACFAS Fellowship Trained Foot & Ankle Surgeon

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